Saturday, February 06, 2010


You've no doubt already heard about this.

Well, obviously Nathan Dunn and John Stemberger are not to blame! Look! Nathan explains right here how it's clearly an innocent mistake, and they weren't indulging in an ugly "fake photo" smear! They were just on deadline!

And I just found a photo of Nathan and John to prove that is true:

Nathan Dunn, left, and John Stemberger: American Patriots!

Not pretty. Unfortunately, their souls are uglier.

Like all brave conservatives, their blog does not accept comments. Fortunately, you can befriend them on Twitter and ask them what their problem is:

Follow John Stemberger

Follow Nathan Dunn

They like to think they're men, so maybe if enough people challenge them they'll finally man up. In the meantime, know Nathan Dunn and John Stemberger as the cowardly cocksuckers* they have been.

* -- "cocksuckers" in the pejorative way, or course. Not in the good way!