Wednesday, July 16, 2003


Hola. Welcome to The Rob Log.


Because now, instead of e-mailing friends whenever I find fun and/or provocative links, they can check in here at their own pace.

Because I'm just that fascinated with myself.

Because I can always use another diversion.

Because no one else has linked to this drawing of Ann Coulter's soul hovering above a naked woman on a rock.

Because... why not?

For those of you who stumbled in here and haven't already left, here's a quick primer on the man behind The Rob Log: I'm a writer, a (mostly-reformed) politician, a huge fan of Friday Happy Hour, a gay Manhattan resident (unique, right?), a huge fan of Tuesday Happy Hour, an ardent moisturizer, a huge fan of Thursday Happy Hour... ah, you get the point.

So welcome to TRL, and stop by again. Something interesting is bound to happen...