Friday, October 07, 2005

So I was at the Empire State Pride Agenda's 15th Annual Fall Dinner last night. And then for some strange reason, all the drunks decided it would be a good idea to have numerous nightcaps at Posh. Fear not, though: I'm sure I'll recover in time for Happy Hour.

Major memories of the evening:

1. Brady told Mario Cantone to take a picture of him, Gina Gershon, and Jimmy Fallon; Mario Cantone did not seem thrilled that he wasn’t recognized as a celebrity in his own right.

2. I sat next to the Mayor of Providence, Rhode Island. Yeah... one for the scrapbook.

3. Brady cornered Jimmy Fallon later in the evening, and had me explain in excruciating detail that he knows my roommate. Jimmy Fallon said he remembered him. I think Jimmy Fallon was just being polite.

4. My former roommate Lynette was a dinner co-chair and got to introduce the elected officials. She is becoming SuperLesbian.

5. Brady had Jimmy Fallon say hello to his sister-in-law in Colorado via cell phone.

6. Memo to Rufus Wainwright: dude, it's October and you're at a dressy dinner. Sandals are not appropriate.

7. Brady touched heads with Randy Harrison as they compared hair-length.

8. Randy Harrison is not as cute in person as you'd hope expect. Also, it's time for his mother to take him for a haircut and shave.

9. Somebody recognized me. We convinced him it was from my book jackets, but he was probably merely mistaken.

10. Cumming sightings: 0. Scared of me, PussyBoy?

11. My friend Craig got his picture taken with Mayor Bloomberg and I think picked up a few phone numbers. But you didn't hear it from me; I hate gossip.