Monday, August 11, 2003

It is so me to launch a blog, then abandon it after a few weeks. But I promise that's not what I'm doing here. Not this time, at least.

I'm feeling just a bit burned out right now, but in a few days I'll be ready to go. Beyond the random links and one-liners, I need to develop a personality for this site, and that shall be done. I was thinking 'borderline schizophrenic.' What do you think?

I have good news, though: earlier today, the completed manuscript for Trust Fund Boys, my second novel, was delivered to Kensington Publishing. It's done, and I'm happy as can be. Yay, me!

Maybe I'll post some excerpts in the upcoming weeks. But only if you behave.

Now, though, I'm resting my brain -- and my two typing fingers -- for a few more days. TRL thanks you, as always, for your patience.