Friday, September 19, 2003


I have always been mystified by the thought processes of most right-wingers (and more than a few others) when it comes to issues related to sexuality and the wallet. For instance, one New York State legislator I used to know quite well could never get his head around the concept of domestic partner benefits for state workers, arguing that it would be a drain on the budget.

Er... maybe I missed something, but I pay taxes too, right? So it made sense that I helped pay for benefits for his wife and children, but he couldn't reciprocate if I had a dependent partner? Ahem. I think not.

The AP reports that a new version of this game has now played out in Arizona, where former State Rep. Steve May -- a Republican, let me add -- has been booted from the leadership of the anti-tax group Club for Growth after some loonies made a fuss over May's homosexuality.

Quoteth Lead Loonie Len Munsil, president of Center for Arizona Policy: "Politely let (the Club for Groth) know conservatives will not support an organization led by a liberal gay activist who has declared war on social conservatives in Arizona."

Get that? May declared war on social conservatives.


Note that Munsil said nothing about fiscal policy (which -- last time I checked -- was what an anti-tax group is by definition concerned about.) Also note that the Center for Arizona Policy's web page lists its agenda, and taxes/economic policy is nowhere to be found. (But the mythic 'Homosexual Agenda' is there, of course.)

Just more crazy right-wing wackadoo bullshit.

The Center for Arizona Policy has a "Presidential Payer Team" that this week is busy praying for GW, John Snow, and Johnny Cash. Next week maybe they should pray for their own souls.