Wednesday, February 18, 2004

A couple of my friends who lean to the right -- namely him and him -- are having a bit of fun with various aspects of the John Kerry campaign.

The Boi notes that although Kerry is winning primaries, he's polling less than 50% of the vote. Now, I don't consider that surprising -- or, really, noteworthy -- in a campaign with a number of first-tier candidates, but I suppose you have to frame your argument with whatever tools are at your disposal. Even if, in this case, those tools would be a broken plastic sandbox scoop and WD-40.

For the Boi, I would only nod to this article, and add that at least when people aren't vote for Kerry, they aren't protesting with a vote for... Bill Wyatt?

Meanwhile, Michael sees a Democratic party leadership and media elite offering up Kerry as a sacrificial lamb. I think it would be a good idea to direct him here, for starters, to remind him -- and a lot of other people -- where the Rush to Democratic Salvation was just days ago. I'd also point out that the early endorsements -- the ones that propelled Kerry and John Edwards from also-rans to viability -- didn't come from the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Guys, you know I love you. And I haven't committed my vote to Kerry or any other candidate (although I can think of a few people I won't be voting for.) But you don't have to rush to make your case. Not just yet. Wait until there's a real case to be made.

In return, I promise not to start a 'Draft Bill Wyatt' campaign in New York State.