Thursday, February 12, 2004

For the next few days, I am supposed to be a guest blogger over at the BoiFromTroy's site, while he's across the pond making Tony Blair regret his alliance with the USA. But I gots me a problem: I can't seem to access his site for the purposes of offering wry, witty observations about life and the human condition... or even the inane crap I post here on my own site.

Do any of you Movable Type users know if there's a secret I should have asked BFT before he jetted off? Like... do I maybe have to download MT to my computer? I can access the Main Menu, and I can edit my profile and set up 'bookmarklets', and I can compose an entry, but I can't figure out how to post it. Is it me? Am I stupid (please restrict your answers to this specific situation)? Or did the Boi forget something? (Yes, that must be it! Let's blame him!)

If you have any thoughts, comment away. If not, well... Sorry about that, Boi! Maybe next time.