Friday, March 26, 2004

A brand new doormat appeared at the front door of our apartment building a short time ago. In the winter, the stairs get extremely dirty due to snow/rain and the super's negligence in mopping them, so the mat was a welcome addition. But now the mat has been there so long that it too is extremely dirty; it's gone from being a solution to a problem to part of the problem itself."

----Kottke waxes eloquent about his doormat, and comes frighteningly close to this.

Not to worry, though, dear readers. TRL will not be left behind the curve! Here goes:

I bought a new plastic colander a few month ago. My roommate likes to cook pasta. He uses a colander to drain the pasta. That is more efficient and less painful than using your fingers. But now the colander has small pieces of dried pasta stuck in the little holes, and I can't get them out. Actually, I probably could get them out if I tried harder, but it's not really worth it for a $2.89 colander. Perhaps I will buy a new colander at the supermarket, if I remember. I hope the new colander does not get small pieces of dried pasta stuck in the little holes, but if that happens I suppose I could always buy another one at the supermarket, if I remember.

That was so cool. I feel like an A-Lister now!