Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Admittedly, one should not go to National Review's The Corner for enlightened discussion about homosexuality. But the resident homophobe di tutti homophobe of The Corner -- the odious John Derbyshire -- has crossed a new line:

MAYOR IN JAIL [John Derbyshire]
"Both sides of the polarizing issue have been waiting for Spitzer's opinion since last Friday when the mayor of New Paltz, a small college town 75 miles north of Manhattan, married 25 same-sex couples without licenses. Village Mayor Jason West now faces 19 criminal counts and could face jail time."

I suppose it is "mean-spirited" of me, but I can't help wondering whether this Mayor would feel differently after spending time behind bars, knowing what we know about prison culture.

So, to Derbyshire, we see that loving same-sex intimacy is no different than prison rape. Thanks for that information, Derb!

Oh, by the way, yes that is "mean-spirited."

One more thing: go fuck yourself.