Friday, June 18, 2004

Borrowed from Michele, who borrowed it from elsewhere, who etc. etc. etc.

('Cause I have 921 things to do, so instead I think I'll play with a meme.)

1. Where were you when you heard that Ronald Reagan died?
I was spending a quiet Saturday evening at home with the visiting Bradykins when I saw the report on television. I could have known about this news hours earlier, when Brady saw screenshots of Reagan on a silent TV in a diner we frequent, but he didn't mention it at the time. No matter... it's been years since I entered a Dead Pool.

2. Where were you on September 11, 2001?
I had just started a post-season vacation on Fire Island. My then-roommate and I had walked to the store, where we first heard about the 'small plane' that had hit the World Trade Center. By the time we returned to the house, everyone was gathered around the television. Two of our guests were a husband-and-wife team: an American Airlines pilot and flight attendant. Needless to say, they left later that day.

3. Where were you when you heard that Princess Diana died?
In a cab rushing along one of the Central Park transverses, returning from dinner with my visiting father and stepmother.

4. Do you remember where you were when you heard Kurt Cobain had died?
Again, in a car (do you see a common theme of traveling becoming apparent) with a friend, hurtling down the New York State Thruway. My friend was very upset; I could not have cared less.

5. Take one for The Gipper: What’s your favorite flavor of jelly bean?
In a car--- Oh, wait. I guess I was getting carried away. I have no absolute favorite, although anything in the 'sour fruit' family works for me. Oh -- and the person who invented buttered popcorn-flavored jelly beans should be tortured and shot.

6. Where were you when Magic Johnson announced he was retiring from the NBA due to AIDS?
In 1991, I was primarily living in Albany, but when Johnson announced he was HIV-positive I was visiting Rochester. (Travel again? Hm.) My employer -- to whom I was close -- had died a few weeks earlier, and the entire period is sort of a blur.

7. Where were you when Reagan was shot?
My college dorm room in Schenectady, New York. I was very upset. (I was in the same dorm room when John Lennon was shot. Thanks for asking!)

8.Where were you when the Challenger exploded?
In my office in the Legislative Office Building in Albany. Our entire staff went to the neighboring office of a state senator, where they actually had a television.

9. Where were you when the 0J verdict was announced?
No clue.