Thursday, July 29, 2004

Via Wonkette -- this week under the care and feeding of Guest Blogger BoiFromTroy -- I learned that Democratic National Convention delegates have each paid $120 for liability insurance. My friend BFT, who really is a nice guy, even though he's one of them, writes:
The cost of the insurance was likely boosted because of the overwhelming number of trial lawyers in the room. (Just like a whorehouse: when lawyers walk in, the prices go up.) For example, Fred Baron, the former Edwards fundraiser who is being sued for taking a $30 million payday from a SaMo environmental cleanup fund, is now Co-Chairing Kerry's Victory '04 Effort. He's not the only Edwards-backing-trial-lawyer in trouble with a Southern California city: Pierce O'Donnell, who is under investigation for bundling contributions to L.A. Hizzoner Jim Hahn gave the would-be-Veep over $44,000 last year.

Is the liability insurance issue here the result of Edwards and his friends? Gee... you'd think Tucker Carlson would have something to add. I dunno... maybe Tucker's just waiting for someone to point him in the direction of the Fleet Center Jacuzzi.

In any event, this story might be breaking prematurely. When BFT and the GOP come to New York City next month, they may very well find themselves forking over their own $120, because...

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