Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Wouldn't you think a writer (or his fervently devoted fans, but... let's get real. Who besides me has fans that devoted?) would have a better thing to do than spam Amazon book pages shilling his book?

Yes, you would.

But pull up a chair, kiddies, and listen to the tale of Jameson Currier, prolific writer and, apparently, prolific self-promoter. It seems that Mr. Currier -- oh hell, we're all friends; let's just call him 'Jam' -- and/or his toadies have too much time on his/their hands.

Quite recently, while checking in on the Amazon page for Trust Fund Boys, I noticed that a reader had recommended Jam's book Desire, Lust, Passion, Sex in addition to my book. Interesting, I thought. But yesterday, when checking again, I found that five readers had made that recommendation.

Quite impressive. Or so I thought. Especially since my first novel -- which, of course, you know was The Night We Met -- has been on the shelves for almost two years without amassing such a strong recommendation for another book.

My first thought, of course, was that Jam and I shared a number of readers. Even though my Amazon sales rank is, as of this moment, 2,485, and his is 1,269,897. But I wanted to give him the benefit of a doubt: perhaps the five people who have bought his book also read my book.

Ah! But then Famous Detective Sherlock Byrnes noted a pattern. To wit:

Tom Dolby's The Trouble Boy: five people recommended Jam's book.

Dave Benbow's Male Model: five people recommended Jam's book.

C. Jay Cox's Latter Days: five people recommended Jam's book.

Aaron Krach's Half-Life: four people recommended Jam's book.

Tim Ashley's The Island of Melting Hearts:
five people recommended Jam's book.

As you can see, a pattern emerges.

Now, it's important for writers to publicize their work, 'cause -- let me tell you -- chances are good that their publishers won't do it. Spamming Amazon pages, though, well...

On the other hand, maybe I'm too self-righteous. Maybe Jam has a good and innovative idea. And maybe his five readers would benefit by being directed to Trust Fund Boys. So here's what I think we should do. (Yes, I'm speaking collectively. What's the sense of having all you fervently devoted toadies if I can't put you to work?)

This is the page where you can recommend books to Jam's five readers. In the box following "I recommend," just type the ISBN for Trust Fund Boys -- 0758205449 -- and click the 'submit' button. And then you're done.

Cross-marketing. It's a beautiful thing. I will always be grateful to Jam for the idea.