Monday, April 18, 2005

Good fucking God, people, it's just blogging! Would you all get a grip?! I cannot believe how many people have been getting themselves so twisted up about blogging over the past few weeks. Christ... half my fucking blogroll has lost it. It's like the opposite of spring fever... a fever where you spend all your time in front of the computer monitor.

Guess what? Blogging is not a career. Blogging is not a love affair. Blogging is not a life. Blogging won't make you prettier or thinner or cover your bald spot. You might make some good friends through blogging, but chances are that they will just be other bloggers, and unless you're prepared to spend the rest of your life swapping links and enviously checking Technorati stats, you really should have a more diversified circle of friends.

So please stop obsessing about who did what to whom, and please stop gratuitously taking public shots at other bloggers. That's not an appropriate use of blogs and comments. Nasty remarks should be handled the way God intended: via e-mail.

Also, please stop crying because you haven't become a blogging superstar. There are probably very good reasons for that, but let me be generous and assume your blog doesn't suck, and note that there are more blogs than human beings these days, so your odds of elbowing Instapundit or Kos out of the top spot are akin to winning the Powerball fifteen times in a row. Sure, we all want readers, but it's just a fucking blog, so get over it.

Feel shunned by a blog clique? Too fucking bad. That's like being shunned by the high school chess club. Deal with it.

Think you're really cool and popular because you have lots of visitors and they leave you 58 comments every time you post an entry about the cute things your cat did last night? Uh... yeah. You're very cool and popular. Also, the high school chess club would like to stop by to slap your face for being such a smug asshole.

Blogging can be fun, and you can meet interesting people, but it's just blogging. Too many of you need to get a grip. You also need to get out of the house and live a bit. Maybe then you'll have something to blog about, instead of blogging about blogging and bloggers.

If you think this is about you, you're probably right. But get over it, because it's about more than you. And if you don't think this is about you, think again.

By the way, since I've just wasted 10 minutes of my time ranting about bloggers and blogging, it's also about me.

Now I'm going to take my own advice and get over it. Bye, now.