Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Yes, we all know that Laura Bush's pet cause is combatting illiteracy... and, yes, we all appreciate the irony of her cause juxtaposed with her husband and daughters. But this entry isn't about gratuitous Bush-bashing, so put that right out of your mind. I have come to praise the Bush-Cheney Administration, not to condemn it.

Because the Bush-Cheney Administration may be one of the most literary in United States history. Not only that, but these administration figures aren't writing dry policy tomes. Oh no! They are all about taking chances with the racy fiction. As a novelist, I commend them.

You remember Second Lady Lynne Cheney, of course, who gave the world the sizzling, Sapphic novel Sisters. As one Amazon reviewer notes:
Incest, cattle rustling, lynching, the chaste female-female love that dares not speak its name, dognapping, running away from a convent school to join the circus, the New York-Washington publishing scene, women's suffrage, a runaway mother, the mysterious death of a sister, circus freak shows, troubled nieces, a hunky widowed Scottish brother-in-law (rrrrufffff!), contraception, the Women's Christian Temperance Union, and the frequent introduction of gophers--either merely dead, or dead and putrefying--spice the never-a-dull-moment plot of "Sisters."
Gophers! Hot!

Anyway, roday -- via Fark -- I learned that future prison-rape victim Lewis 'Scooter' Libby is also a novelist! From the very same Amazon reviewer:
The hair-raisingly prurient parts of this book have been excerpted extensively elsewhere, so I'll not repeat them. However, Libby appears more than approving of the explicit education that the very young girls in "The Apprentice" receive. Not in typical school subjects, no, but from instructors whose teaching tools include caged bears (yes, bears, trained to couple with children), wooden dildos, and incestuous relatives who painstakingly instruct little girls to "satisfy many men in a night."
With three years left to go, who knows what other works of fiction lurk in the heart of Bush-Cheney officials? Karl? Condi? Harriet? Your reading public awaits you.

See you on Amazon.