Friday, January 27, 2006

I know, I know... it's as if I'm on hiatus again. Sorry I haven't been able to entertain you this week, but my work obligations have been staggering. I mean, you wouldn't want the quality of life in Midtown Manhattan to suffer just for your blog amusement, would you?

Oh. Well, get over yourself.

Let's make a deal. I promise to spend this weekend working my not-inconsiderable ass off on Book Number 3 this weekend, and -- with some solid accomplishments behind me -- I'll try to make next week's reading worth it. And -- hey! -- we have the Oscar nominations coming out next week. How much fun will that be for us?

Speaking of the new book -- When the Stars Come Out -- the crack team at my publishing house has already printed the book jacket. Here is a very bad scan of the front cover and spine, for your viewing pleasure.

If it looks familiar, well... it's supposed to.

Okay, gotta run. Happy Hour at Posh beckons. Until next week...