Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Looking for some good books to read over the upcoming months? Of course you are. Summer won't last forever, and you've got to start exercising that brain again. Here are a few books you should be pre-ordering now.

First Person Plural
by Andrew W. M. Beierle

Coming August 28: Your Labor Day Weekend Reading

Andrew Beierle -- whose first novel, The Winter of My Discotheque, won the 2002 Lambda Literary Award for Best Romance -- is back with one of the more interesting concepts in gay fiction. Owen and Porter are twin brothers who share everything as they come of age. They have to: they're conjoined. One thing they don't share, however, is a sexuality. Can straight Porter and gay Owen make peace with their divergent desires? Buy the book and find out, and stop by Andrew's website for a sampling of what's in store.

UPDATE: Here's an advance review of First Person Singular Plural (my bad!).

When You Don't See Me
by Timothy James Beck

Coming September 25: Your Early Autumn Reading

They're baaack! The four three (now) brilliant writers who are Timothy James Beck -- two of whom are the wonderful Becky Cochrane and Timothy J. Lambert -- will warm up your autumn with their fifth TJB novel. I don't have to tell you (well, I hope I don't have to tell you) what a delight this series is: sharply-drawn characters, plotlines that draw you in, deft humor, and enviable writing skills. If you haven't been following this series, do yourself a huge favor and order them all. You will thank me later.

When the Stars Come Out
by, uh... me.

Coming October 30: Buy 30 Copies and Finish Your Holiday Shopping in Just a Few Minutes!

When the Stars Come Out is released in trade paperback on October 30, so if you were a cheap bastard last year and didn't want to spend $23 on a Lambda Literary Award-winning gay comic romance that earned advance praise from Publishers Weekly, now you can buy it for less money. Meaning you can buy even more copies!

And remember: Reading Is Hot!