Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I've written about this before, but the GLAAD Media Award nominees have been announced and I'm pissed off again, so here we go.

My comments from 2005 remain relevant:
There are all sorts of LGBT/GLBT/whatever awards for all sorts of things, and GLAAD has no problem doubling-up on some of these. For instance, there are gay music awards, gay journalism awards, and gay film awards. I wouldn't be especially surprised if there were even gay comic book awards given out somewhere. In these categories, GLAAD boldly goes where everyone has gone before.

But apparently if you put a book in front of them, their heads explode. The lack of a GLAAD award for literature is an egregious oversight.
I guess we live in a world where Entertainment Weekly, The Real World: Brooklyn and One Life to Live are considered more worthy of praise from a national gay organization than gay fiction and nonfiction. Oh, when the gay independent bookstores close their doors and the national chains marginalize us, they will issue a press release and express regrets. But will they help promote the industry?


Which means that GLAAD is part of the problem.