Friday, January 08, 2010

"FARB AT 10"

Yes, I know I haven't updated for one month. But it's not as if anyone is reading this blog anymore, so no harm, no foul.

Still, I have a good excuse. No doubt you have heard that Jay Leno will probably lose his 10:00 PM slot on NBC. Well... what do you think of the concept of "FARB at 10"?

Yes, I am talking about a nightly hour-long talk show hosted by Famous Author Rob Byrnes, with guests including my friends from the writing, blogging, and Facebook communities, as well as other people whose worlds revolve around my sun. (Billy Hufsey, I'm talking to you! You, too, Gary Coleman-Byrnes!) I think you'll agree this is The Most Awesome Idea Evar.

There is, however, one tiny little hitch. NBC has yet to seal the deal. Fortunately, I am a reasonable man celebrity, so I'm sure this is only a formality, but it would be helpful if you and your friends expressed your support directly to NBC.

Here is the link. You know what to do with it.

See ya on the tube!