Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Besides a lovely, drunken dinner party in beautiful Bronxville on Saturday night, I spent my entire weekend writing. I am happy to report that my manuscript is close to completion. Given the fact that it's due on my editor's desk in six days, that's a good thing.

But I am not going to make my deadline. No way, no how. I have two major (and one minor) pieces to write, a trip to see Gashole V: Summer Wind scheduled for Thursday, and -- most importantly -- the first visit from the boyfriend in over a month. Oh yeah: plus, my evil friend Michael V. and I have a regular Tuesday evening date at this place. (For what it's worth, I consider it research for my novel. Wait until it's published in June '04 and all will be explained.)

By the way, when you and your friends buy the trade paper version of The Night We Met (coming in September!!), you'll get a bonus: a dozen pages from Novel No. 2: Trust Fund Boys. If that's not incentive enough to make you whip out your visa card, I don't know is...