Wednesday, August 13, 2003

I hadn't planned on blogging much for a few days, but the week started off in the most fascinating way, and I have to share.

On Monday, and completely out of the blue, I received a very tentative e-mail asking if I was the same person who graduated 6th grade in 197-- 1981. I recognized the correspondent's name and quickly wrote back, and since then... well, since then I've been immersed in an on-line reunion of half the graduating class, most of whom I haven't seen in thir--... more than twenty years.

It's been a fascinating, fabulous trip back in time. I have laughed at things I haven't thought about since my teens and, yes, felt a few twinges of embarrassment over actions long past and almost forgotten. But meeting these people again -- as adults, not pre-pubescent children -- has been wonderful.

In recognition of the past, I now give TRL readers a glimpse of our (incorrectly dated) class picture. Can you find the future famous author?