Thursday, October 23, 2003

I really need to professionalize and consolidate a few things around here. For instance, for some reason I am completely unable to update and redesign, which annoys me... not to mention, it makes the site increasingly useless. This is a problem when one is gearing up to promote one's second novel. Also, I've never been able to send mail through the site. Stupid Yahoo.

And now there's TRL, and while I appreciate the ease with which Blogger allows those of us with the technical proficiency of Mr. Patrick Wallace to set up our little exercises in narcissism, I'm enough of a control freak that I'd really like to be able to do more with the site than I'm apparently able to do. And instead of having a piece of me here, and another piece there, and e-mail routed through a third place, I think everything should be under one roof.

And I want all of it in a package that I can figure out without hurting myself.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what to do. If those of you who know what you're doing have any suggestions, please e-mail me. I will love you forever, and buy you a drink, too.