Monday, November 24, 2003

I'll let the BoiFromTroy tell the story, which he posted late last Friday (11/21):

So I go to HERE tonight for a cocktail and see a guy sitting all alone, so, out of character, I join him and introduce myself.

He;s Micheal from New York. We talk for awhile and I ask, "do you know famous author Rob Byrnes?!?"

"I think so," he says.

"Yeah, his next book is 'Trust Fund Boys'" I say...

He replies, "well, yes...he hangs out in a bar in my neighborhood."

"Hell's kitchen?" I ask.

"Yes," he replies.

"And they just put up some new artowrk, eh?"

"Indeed," he replies in a Glenn Reynolds sort of way.

Since I may well be meeting the "famous author" in 20 days, I told Mike to give a good report back!

Ain't that strange?

After discussing it in his comments section, I think I know the person in question, who happens to be someone I dated for about three days. [Note: 'date' means that dinner was in fact involved on at least one occasion.]

By the way, I don't read Instapundit, so I don't know what a "Glenn Reynolds sort of way" means. So don't ask me; ask the Boi.