Thursday, December 04, 2003

Even though sales of the masterpiece novel The Night We Met are only limping along now, 15 months after publication, customer reviews continue to trickle in. I just received my fourteenth Amazon review from Kraig Meyer of San Francisco, who had the good taste to award it five stars, calling it his "favorite gay novel of summer 2003." Good boy.

For those of you keeping score at home, Kraig's was the ninth 5-star review. Four others were 4-star reviews. And then there's that illiterate bastard in Blacksburg, VA who gave it only two stars, but I'm pretty sure that was a phony review and a phony location posted by you-know-who.

Add to those stats my perfect five for five at Barnes&, and it breaks down like this:

***** = 14
**** = 4
*** = 0
** = 1
* = 0

Damn, I'm good. And thanks again, Kraig Meyer of San Francisco!