Monday, March 01, 2004

They just do not get Dead Person Etiquette in Rochester, New York.

As you may remember (and, if not, as I'll remind you), last week I noted that a recently-deceased Rochester radio personality was unflatteringly described as 'Nathan Lane-esque.' I suppose some people -- Nathan Lane, maybe -- would not object to that description, but it strikes me as not-so-subtle code for 'big flamboyant gay stereotype.'

Still, it's one thing to be eulogized as one-half of the duo from 'The Birdcage' (perhaps the most offensive movie ever made, by the way, but I'll save that discussion for another day). It's quite another to be memorialized as an edible bust.

Oh, hell, Rochester, what next? Are you going to take turns dragging him around like he's Bernie?