Wednesday, March 31, 2004

A few years ago, when I was living in the guest room of a high-power lipstick lesbian lawyer, we decided one night that our lives were frighteningly reminiscent of a situation comedy. In fact, we even titled daily life "The Lynette and Rob Show." (She got top billing 'cause she owned the co-op.)

And so a high concept was born.

But it's not worth having a high concept if you aren't going to beat the hell out of it, right? So, following the paths of many popular TV hits before us, we issued a calendar for 2002, recalling our classic episodes and fun facts about the 'show.'

It was a great collector's item, if I say so myself. It also contained some of my best writing, if I also say so myself. True, you do have to know our friends to appreciate it in its entirety, but it's accessible enough to be enjoyed by strangers.

Which you're about to learn, because for the next few days, I'll be posting excerpts. (I'm having trouble getting a decent scan of the actual calendar pages, but I'll keep working on it.)

For today, click on the calendar cover to see the first two entries. More will follow. And if an in-joke (or what you perceive as an in-joke) is confusing, ask me!

Are you ready to revisit 2002? Then click away!