Tuesday, April 06, 2004

With kinja, the Nick Denton Web Empire has added another powerful new tool for the blogging community. Now you can browse a regularly-updated digest of your favorites at your convenience for new content. No longer will you waste valuable hours and risk your health arduously clicking down the links on your blogroll. This is a revolution in the making!

But wait: there's more! I have exciting news! I'm breaking an embargo here, but I'm sure Nick will understand. Coming in June from Gawker Media... (you should imagine there's a drumroll here)... (and here)... (and still here)...


Imagine! The best ideas of Denton melded to an individual person (albeit a very famous author.) It's like Lewis and Clark... Laurel and Hardy... chocolate and peanut butter. This will be a very innovative and exciting beta trial, and we're still trying to work out all the bugs, but under the RobBot-dot-com umbrella, here are a few of the things you can expect to find:

Robber -- Snarky observations centered on the New York media and flip-offs of B-List celebrities, with just enough 'in the moment' sassiness that it will be barely recognizable as the English language in four months!

Robbette -- Hey, I spent one career in politics, and no one can be more irreverent than me. Plus, I can write about ass-fucking, too!

FleshRob -- Naked pictures of me on the Internet! I mean, more naked pictures of me on the Internet!

RobModo -- Okay, now this is the one with the bugs. I will be getting all techie here, as soon as I learn how to turn on my toaster.

Robja -- What good are all these blogs if you don't know when I've updated? Just pop on over to Robja and get your up-to-date updated updates!

If everything works well for the RobBot-dot-com blog family, the project can be expanded to include... well... everybody! Some day we all can be completely blogged, from birth to death [memo to Nick: Hmm... Death Blog? I can see a 'Last Word in Blogging' PR campaign being very well-received. Think it over.]

So watch this space as we role out RobBot-dot-com. For once, don't be late to the revolution!