Friday, May 21, 2004

Well, yes, the gay blogger party of gay blogger parties is almost here (that sounds sort of pathetic, doesn't it?), but I was speaking about Trust Fund Boys. Correspondents are reporting that Amazon is shipping... Publishers Weekly reviews it on Monday... and now the InsightOut Book Club has posted this description:
Rob Byrnes, the author of ISO favorite The Night We Met crashes the non-stop party in New York’s snooty, wealthy gay world in this sexy, witty, fast-paced novel.

What’s a failed actor to do but change his name to Brett Revere and pretend to be rich in order to climb the social ladder? What Brett doesn’t expect is to meet a trust fund boy named Jamie Brock and fall head over heels for him. Especially when it turns out Jamie is playing the same game as Brett!

That doesn’t stop these two handsome young men from working together to keep their scams going. They are convinced that the answer to their money woes is in Manhattan’s wealthy, sugar-daddy-filled social circuit. As they set their plan in action, each begins to realize that maybe their unexpected love for each other is worth more than any trust fund. But how do two men who built their lives on deceit ever learn to trust each other and find out who they really are?

I can't take the excitement. Oh wait... yes I can.

Have a good weekend, kids! I'll miss you, too!