Tuesday, May 25, 2004

If you read my previous post, you can imagine that my morning did not start off on a high note. I may get back to that later, when I'm not feeling so defensive that a person said that my baby is ugly. But for now, I have something new to bitch about.

(I know, I know... it seems as if I've been complaining about everything lately. But I haven't. For example, I didn't bother writing about how my roommate almost burned the apartment down in an alcohol-fueled middle-of-the-night stovetop grease fire, leaving the apartment smelling like Elizabeth, New Jersey for the past two days. Although I guess I now have. Huh.)

Anyway, my work e-mail crisis continues. And I'm about ready to scream.

What happened is this: two years ago when we secured the domain, all the details were handled by my Deputy Director. She subsequently left that job but continued the domain renewal. Yes, I asked for it to be transferred to me from time to time, but eventually the situation became one of those 'out of sight. out of mind' things. It was as if ROB'S-WORK-NYC.COM was just always magically there.

Until last week, that is, when she informed me that the domain was about to expire, and asked me (finally) to assume responsibility. I gave her my credit card information and asked her, as the registrant, to take care of the details.

On Sunday, the domain was suspended. E-mail was returned. Rob was greatly saddened.

Sadder still has been the past 24 hours trying to solve the problem. It seems that everyone has the new payment information, but no one has the authority to go forward. It seems there is some entity out there known as a reseller who has to give the go-ahead, but no one can tell me who that reseller is, and the only web site I can find to track things down has no phone number to contact. Yes, it has an e-mail address, but and e-mail address is sort of meaningless if you can't send e-mail because the domain is suspended!

(I guess this is where I have to confess that I have a backup AOL account. That usually embarrasses me, but in this case, it's proven to be fortunate.)

I have so many things I could and should be doing instead of unraveling this mess, but I have a feeling that this is how I'll be spending the bulk of my week.

I guess I'm getting an education about how the Internet works, but you know what? Ignorance truly is bliss.