Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The Set-Up: Due to circumstances, and also because I missed my man, I went to pay a visit on Bradykins this past weekend. He had to work a book fair in Baltimore on Saturday afternoon, so I trained it to BWI, where he picked me up in the late afternoon. En route to his home in Arlington, he told me he had already had lunch, so I pointed him toward a drive-thru and grabbed something for myself. (Lovin' me my Burger King. Shut up! )

And because I had lunch at 4:30 PM, when 9:00 PM rolled around I still wasn't very hungry. Neither was he. So we decided that we should just grab a bunch of junk food at the 7-11 across the street.

Dinner the 7-11 Way: Here is what we bought for dinner:

Wasabi peas.
Reese's Pieces.
Utz Red Hot Potato Chips.
Mr. Goodbar.

Oh... and a Slurpee.

"What's So Funny About That?"
Me: "Brady, look at what we're buying. They're gonna think we're stoned."

Him: (starts giggling)

Me: (starts giggling)

Him: (giggles more; points at brownie for sale at counter)

Me (giggling): We're really not helping our case, you know...

Later That Night...
Me: I need cigarettes, but I'm afraid to go back there.

Him: It'd be funny if you went back and bought the exact same things.

Me: (starts giggling again)

I never did finish my Wasabi peas. Somewhere in India, some starving children are very disappointed in me.