Friday, September 17, 2004

Meanwhile, over at Bill Clinton's Daily Diary, Bobbi Lamoon has taken over blogging duties while Bill mends.

Poor Bobbi... I bet she never thought she'd end up in fisticuffs with Hillary...
She looked at me with these wild eyes and hit me on the head with the spoon. It hurt and that ain't cool. I tried to push her away, but I forgot I still had a glass of orange juice in my hand. It spilled all over her. Mrs. Clinton threw the spoon on the ground and lunged for my hair. She tried to hurt me and I defended myself as well as I could and she is much heavier than I am. I could hear Mr. Clinton say "stop it", but Mrs. Clinton went crazy. I saw from the corner of my eye he was trying to get out of bed, but he was too weak.

And, yes, as I wrote here a few months ago, there are still apparently more than a few born every minute.