Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I'm happy to report that I finally made it through a weekend without having my dreams infiltrated by a blogger. I know that Toddy was hoping to join Flip and Chrisafer in Famous Author DreamWorld, but it didn't happen. Sorry.

Okay, no bloggers. On the other hand, according to last night's dream, I'm apparently close friends with James Garner. That's probably the result of my subconscious lecturing me by recalling this movie, but refusing to give me nightmares by injecting James Woods into the dream.

Meanwhile, I spent quite a bit of the weekend's waking time thinking about the future... dreams of a different sort. I am certainly not dissatisfied with my life, but there are things that can be done to enhance it. I have known that some changes have to be made, and I have known what has to be done to facilitate those changes.

Now I think I have The Plan.

And the first thing I have to do to put it in place is borrow a few million dollars from my new friend James Garner...