Friday, October 08, 2004

('Cause You All Know How 'On-Topic' I Keep TRL)

1. Hot Toddy thinks he's all that lately, so we should probably be shunning him just to show him who's boss, but go wish him a Happy 43rd Birthday anyway.

2. A rare news article: someone who doesn't seem to be hell-bent on winning the Timothy Treadwell/Roy Horn ("The Other White Meat") Award.

3. "That's Senator Faggot to you!"

4. Reminder to self: e-mail Garth Brooks Randy Travis Dale Earnhardt Cooter Ricky Skaggs and demand cheap concert tickets for Michael.

5. Reminder to self: e-mail Google News on behalf of Treacher's campaign to list his blog as a news source. But only because I'm lobbying to ghost-write Puce's biography and this seems like an easy way to suck up.

6. When I obsessively checked my site meter this morning, the number of overnight visitors was through the roof. (Well... by my standards.) I was all excited that someone popular had linked to me, but when I checked my referrers I realized that I was reaping the benefit of a post-Apprentice 'Carolyn Kepcher' Googling frenzy. Ah well. Thanks for stopping by, anyway!

7. Reminder to self: mention Carolyn Kepcher as often as possible. Also Lindsay Lohan and frottage on the DC subway.

8. Do all celebrities have too much time on their hands?

9. Mark at Zeitzeuge found this. It's very funny. Go there now.

10. There is no Number 10. What, you think I've got all day to do this?