Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Hey, kids! Have you grown up regretting that you missed those crazy 1950s? You know, the decade with hula hoops and "Mr. Peepers" and the red-menace blacklist?

Well don't despair. I haven't seen a Hula Hoop in, like, forever; and Wally Cox was gay, then dead. But some true blue Americans have brought back the Blacklist, and not a moment too soon.

Let me add that this handy list of America's enemies -- edited and chiefed by patriotic David Horowitz -- is called "Discover the Network," and it neatly ties the radical left together in one nice package. Also, it's incredibly user-friendly: Horowitz and company even include plenty of dead people, just so you don't miss a link between Susan Sontag, Roger Ebert and Osama bin Laden.

The best feature, though, is this:
To submit requests for additional individuals to be profiled, to contribute information on the existing list, or to supply links to related articles and texts, use the contact options (Submit A Search Name/Contribute Information) on the homepage.
That's right! Discover The Network gives you the ability to name names!!

Finally, the Internets have been put to good use. Thank you, Mr. Horowitz, for bringing back fun of the 1950s!

And good luck on your next endeavor: putting those troublesome negroes back in their place!