Thursday, June 30, 2005

Also known as, "Items Not Worthy of Their Very Own Post, But I'm Gonna Share Anyway"

1. Trust Fund Boys: The Movie... coming to a theater near you? Probably not, but my agent just sealed the deal for a film option, so at least I'll make a few bucks. And my landlord and I like it when I make a few bucks.

2. Bird in the Atrium Update: three weeks, and still alive.

3. Random Observation #1: it's been a long time since I've seen Chrisafer call BoiFromTroy a tool. I hope he's not sick.

4. Scott-O-Rama Blog Feud Update: he caught me stalking him in Vegas, so -- embarrased -- I'm slinking away. But I shall return.

5. I saw Charlie last night and he sends everyone his best. Except, not really.

6. Random Observation #2: no matter what I'm looking for, every time I go into my picture file I come across the Dick Cheney Camel-Toe picture. Scary!

7. Recent referrers I don't understand:
toby vividblurry
ketel one and lesbians

8. Recent referrers I do understand:
where is TRL shoot at
"get to posh"

9. Random Observation #3: I guess I thought my insipid Pride Parade photographs were a lot funnier than you did. That, or you thought I was really excited about them.

10. Eh.