Thursday, June 16, 2005

He just wants attention. By 'he,' I mean Scott-O-Rama, of 'cotton candy-colored blog fame.' Or is it 'old kitchen appliance-colored blog fame? Whatever.

Young Mr. O-Rama took exception to a few suggestions I had for Hot Toddy's Toaster Oven to improve the readability of his site, including de-linking Scott-O-Rama. Now, I must point out that I didn't think that Toddy would take all of my suggestions -- I was just brainstorming, which is what I do best after a long, long liquid lunch breakfast -- but I wanted to give him options. I'm sorry that Mr. O-Rama took exception, but I would have thought that he'd realize that I was just thinking about Toddy.

In any event, now he says he's returning my books to Amazon... which means war. Because as any published author or industry professional on my blogroll will tell you, no word makes us crazy the way 'return' makes us crazy.

So things could get a bit messy around here for the next few years days. Much as I know you want to rush over to Scott-O-Rama's blog and slap him bloody on my behalf, resist the urge...

Well, at least until I set loose the hounds.