Monday, July 18, 2005

So I'm checking out what's new via Technorati and I see that a new blog has linked to this site: "And Another Thing..." I take a quick look, make sure that it's not written by a Nazi or friend of Sid-O-Rama or some other undesirable, and decide to give Doug over there a reciprocal link.

So far, that's not a story. This is the sort of thing we all do frequently. In fact, I do it even more frequently than most bloggers, because I am so Famous and popular.

Anyway, I just went back to actually read Douglas's blog, and I was suddenly all... whoa! Let me quote:
So, we hung out together for a couple of years, doing things periodically. Things -- not "THINGS."

He was extremely generous and taught me a lot about songwriting (and life), and it was a magical time. Seems like a dream now, but it did back then, too.
Uh... maybe I should explain that Douglas is talking about Stephen Sondheim. Steven Fuckin' Sondheim!!!

Makes for a better story than if Douglas was hanging out with, um, Greg, right? Yeah, I agree. That's even cooler than the night I saw a movie with Paul Bartel.

I think Douglas and Steve and I should all be really close friends, don't you?