Monday, August 29, 2005

No, this entry is not about my vacation. It's about a flasher. Sorry, kids, but I have my priorities.

By now, you've no doubt heard of the New York City subway masturbator, who was captured for posterity by his victim's camera-phone. (In case you haven't, the background is here.)

Now, they say that the perp could have been restaurateur Dan Hoyt. Hmmm.
Dan Hoyt

Subway Perv

Could be. And the comments offered by his ex-wife and business partner -- "There should be a support center to support these men to find what is the cause of their action instead of ...putting them in jail" -- doesn't strike me as being excessively spirited.

Still, the man is innocent until proven guilty on thousands by anonymous bloggers, so I will make no judgments. But I do have a question:

When dining at his restaurant, is it a good idea to order the hand roll and the minced nut meat?

Just asking. It's time for lunch, and I'm getting hungry.