Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Having a stake -- in fact, having a financial stake, professionally -- in the cleanliness and upkeep of New York, I do not agree with the traditional Gothamist take on graffiti. They consider it 'street art;' I consider it an eyesore that costs time and money to remove. So it goes without saying that I totally disagree with their take on the arrest of a woman who was defacing light poles in the East Village.

Regrettably, Gothamist committed a bigger crime in reporting the story by posting this headline:

Pointless Arrest of the Day: Sticker Perp Busted on 2st Ave!

Hmm. Now I've taken two Gothamist jabs recently. And they say that the 3th time's the charm...

UPDATE: the link to the Gothamist article has changed. Fortunately, the typo remains, 'cause I hate it when people ruin my good times. Better yet, the typo is now incorporated into the link. Yes! And Bloomberg thinks he's having a good day.

And while I'm on the general subject, go here. (I like it when TMFTML gets all passionate, and that's usually not a quality I look for in a straight guy.)