Monday, January 30, 2006

Okay, I am still totally slammed at work, and when I'm not slammed at work, I'm at home being slammed by the book. Writing ain't easy, kids. I don't care what James Frey tells you.

But I did happen to catch a few minutes of the Screen Actors Guild award show last night. My thoughts.

1. Did you see the look on Felicity Huffman's face? Not when they announced her nomination for TransAmerica, but when the camera cut to her as Reese Witherspoon walked to the stage to collect the award? Oh, Felicity, you already won one award last night! Don't be a piggy.

2. Heath Ledger: idiot? Or drunk? Discuss.

3. I don't care what they say: I did not see Philip Seymour Hoffman shape-shift. What a disappointment.

More tomorrow, I hope. This 'working all the live-long day' rut I've fallen into is getting old.