Monday, December 11, 2006

Happy Monday. You haven't missed a thing. Billy Hufsey is still 48, people are still not reviewing my books on Amazon, and I still owe Chase Platinum Visa tons o'money plus, I think, Mary Cheney's first-born child.

Oh wait. No, now that I think of it, you did miss a few things. This had slipped my mind, but Friday was not only Billy Hufsey's birthday! Turns out it was also Crash's birthday. Oh, and mine.

I usually don't celebrate -- beyond drinks with friends, that is, which sort of makes every day my birthday -- and this year was going to be no exception. In fact, Bradykins was dragging me to someone else's party... he even showed me a printed invitation.

Imagine my surprise -- true surprise -- when we walked into the party and there stood 45 or so of my friends, ranging from people I see every day to famous authors Greg Herren and Andy Zeffer. And -- oh yeah -- a batch of bloggers. (Meaning that yes, Becky, there will eventually be pictures.)

Bradykins really knocked himself out with this one -- with notable assistance from Patrick, my brother Tim, my sister Marje, and dozens of people who were able to drink with me for weeks and still keep a secret (what?). And if the evening could be said to have a single highlight, it was that they were clever enough to find and decorate the room with archival FARB photographs, like this one:

So thanks to all of you who sent e-mail or left comments, or were able to swing by on Friday night. It was touching and surprising and wonderful, and Billy Hufsey's got nothing on me.

PS: MAK wasn't there. Just sayin'.

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