Thursday, February 22, 2007

It's time to play a little game. I am going to try to imitate another blog, and you guess which one. Warning: this could be difficult for me. I have been hitting myself in the temple with a sledge for the past two hours, but it's still going to be tough to dumb down to the appropriate level.

Here goes:


(Bush and Cheny too!)

We know you think we're usually all about glammer and cutting-edge news for the gay communitey, but this time we have some important sientific news that effects EVERYBODY! Even the TRANNYS!

It appears that a HUGE meteor -- as apposed to a asteroid, or even a ASS-teroid! Or even Ur-ANUS!! -- is zooming towards our planet! And this thing is not only the size of Alaska, it's dirtier than the potty at The Toolbox!

"If a meteor the size of Alaska was covered in bacteria, it could be harboring more bacteria than every public toilet in the world," said Wallace Jones of NASA.

We say GROSS!!!

Fortunately, Bush and Cheny and Nasa are inventing a giant Lysol missle to kill the bacteria, but this just goes to show how dumb Bush and Cheny and Nasa are. Has anyone stopped to think that if a missle the size of Alaska hit the earth, fighting deadly toilet-like germs would only be half our problem? We think that something that big could really mess up the planet. Instead of building gigantic Lysol missles those dummies in Wasington should be building missles to destry the entire meteor! Like they did in Armageddon, back when we were young faglings and use to jerk off nightly to dreams of Ben Affleck (or better yet Ben and Matt Damon doing the nasty together!!!)

With the Republicans in control of Congress, we don't know if there is antyhing we can do, but as 'The Gay Blog' we have to do something. So write your congressman and demand that they build a Armageddon missle to stop the giant meteor. This thing is scheduled to strike on March 21, 2008, so we only have a few years to take care of it!

As for us, this whole thing gives us a serious headache, so we're going to XES to unwind for a while.

Giant Meteor Heading Toward Earth Covered in Germs [BBSpot]


I feel dirty...