Thursday, February 22, 2007

And as far as I know, I'm starting it here!

As I read the Daily News this morning (complimentary copies are given to NY Waterway Ferry customers... just sayin'), I came across this story:
East Side doc horror

A blue-blood society doctor was fighting for his life last night after an assailant viciously beat him and then burned him with a mystery chemical in his upper East Side penthouse, police sources told the Daily News.

Dr. Denton Sayer Cox, 79, whose patients included Andy Warhol and John Steinbeck, told police he was attacked on a nearby streetcorner - but cops think he was the victim of a gay pickup gone wrong, the sources said.
Unfortunate, I thought. Pick-ups at The Townhouse Penthouse *cough* can be so risky.

But then I was scanning Towleroad this morning, and read...
Andy Warhol died 20 years ago today in New York City, at the age of 58 from a sudden heart attack while recovering from gallbladder surgery.

And I thought: the anniversary of Andy Warhol's death. An attack on Andy Warhol's former doctor.

And let's not even mention the newly released film Factory Girl, featuring Guy Pearce as Andy Warhol. Twenty years later, this resurgence of Warholmania cannot be coincidental!

Clearly, the other night someone set out to get revenge on the good doctor, timing the attack to roughly coincide with the anniversary of Warhol's death.

But who could have even known where Dr. Cox lived? Who could have positioned himself to carry out this attack? These questions perplexed me untilI returned to the News article and read:
Cops found traces of an unknown chemical on Cox's sheets, sources said, and seized surveillance tapes from his building, the exclusive Edgewater Apartments on E. 72nd St., near York Ave. - next to the building hit by Yankee pitcher Cory Lidle's plane last fall.

Now, as you will recall, I almost died in the Lidle plane crash. But one man lived even closer to that building, and therefore almost on top of Dr. Cox's apartment.

I won't name names, because I don't have all the evidence.

But I can hint.

Oliver Stone, if you're reading this -- and I know you are, because we're both Famous -- call me!