Thursday, February 08, 2007

I was going to sleep quite peacefully tonight knowing that I was the only blogger who didn't rush to his keyboard to report on Anna Nicole Smith's death.

And then came Queerty:
In some bizarre way, Anna Nicole was America's Diana.
We only hope it's not drugs or murder...both of which seem to be the most likely, unfortunately...

'America's Diana'? Murder?

Freakin' morons. Every day they seem to discover new lows on the IQ scale. Oh well... at least they're too vapid and stupid to care.

UPDATE: Y'know, I do like reading JoeMyGod's blog, and I tip my hat at his skill at developing a loyal cadre of readers. But when I see that many of the regulars come from the Tin Hat Brigade, well... I'm sort of happy that I have much fewer, but much, much saner readers.

I'm not knocking anyone here. Just observing.

For the record, the woman had tons of substance abuse under her belt, then dived into massive weight loss. Pills, pills, pills. And more pills. Not to mention new motherhood and new loss as a mother. She was -- probably had been for a while -- a recipe for a massive heart attack.

I'm not saying the inquiry is over, but if you are one of those people -- like Queerty or the occassional JMG reader -- who thinks that Howard K. Stern or, oh, Clay Shaw was out gunning for Anna Nicole, you really need to get out of the house more.

No, seriously. Stop reading blogs and inhale some fresh air.

Did you do it?

Okay. Now go to bed and stop leaving comments. Otherwise, those guys in the black helicopters are totally gonna get you. And they are really pissed off that you figured out their evil plot!