Friday, January 26, 2007

You wouldn't think I have boredom in my life, given, well... given that I'm me. But even Famous Authors (and potential Famous State Assemblymen) can experience moments of boredom in between long stretches of jet-setting fabulousness.

Personally, I blame the MSOD. It wears you down sometimes.

Here's the deal: I need to shake things up. And the place I should start is with the name of this blog.

Way back in the early '00s, when it first went live, I didn't put too much thought into the name. Hell, I didn't even think I'd keep up with it for more than a week or two. But now, 42 weeks months later, it looks as if I'm here to stay. (Unless, you know, the MSOD...)

Anyway, I've put together some prospective new blog names for your consideration. Vote for as many as you'd like, or add an idea in the comments. Together, we can make a difference! Not a meaningful difference, but still...

Name That Blog!
"La Vie en Rob"
"The Most Famous Blog You've Never Heard Of"
"Crash and Byrnes"
"The MSOD Chronicles"
"My Other Blog is a Porsche"
Don't change. Don't mess with success.
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