Monday, January 22, 2007

I like my job, if not every little thing I have to deal with. Which puts me on the fortunate side of the bell curve, I think.

Still, for the past few months it's felt stale. Not to the point where I've even thought of looking for something else, but enough so that it was beginning to feel like a burden. Worse, I was beginning to feel a bit disconnected; that I was... well, losing interest.

This weekend, I thought things over and decided it was up to me (and only me) to snap out of it. In this job or any other, there will always be hassles -- unreasonable people, unexpected complications, unworkable timelines -- but I can look at them as mountains or molehills. I choose molehills. There are no obstacles to prevent me from taking a fresh approach to the office where I have spend 50 hours per week for the past five years and reigniting the enthusiasm I once had.

It's funny how a little bit of introspection can bring you out of malaise, isn't it?

Oh, before you think I've gotten all Self-Analysis for Dummies on you, I'd better add that I still spent most of a weekend looking at a blank computer monitor, unable to get much more than a trace of writing done. Then I lit a cigarette and poured a glass of wine.

So rest assured: the Famous Author you've come to know and love hasn't completely gone away...