Monday, January 15, 2007

Ken Jennings: Alex, the answer is, who are Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Proust, Famous Author Rob Byrnes, and... uh... God, when he wrote the Bible.

Alex Trebek (sighs): Yes, Ken, you have correctly answered the Google Jeopardy question 'who are five famous writers.'

I guess it goes without saying that was a $500 question. And Double Jeopardy.

In other writer-related news, Teej and Becks have just put the manuscript for the fifth Timothy James Beck novel -- When You Don't See Me -- in the mail. The petty part of me -- the part who couldn't manage to get more then 250 words down this weekend in between apartment hunting and Spider Solitaire -- wants to be jealous and mean. The better part of me is happy for them... and, yes, that part wins without a contest.

Writing is a lot tougher than most of you imagine. When you have a great day -- let alone finish a manuscript -- you physically feel as if you've been hauling bricks around for twelve hours, and you're mentally wiped out. If anyone says that writing is not physical labor, I will beat the crap out of them with a keyboard that's more worn down than steps in a badly managed fifth-floor Manhattan walk-up. (Obviously, someone has been looking at apartments.)

Anyway, if the next TJB novel, or their solo efforts (including Becky's recent magical novel A Coventry Christmas, and Tim's prolific short stories) don't bring them both huge genre and mainstream readership, there is no justice in publishing.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I cracked myself up again. Of course there's no justice in publishing. But look for their names and buy their damn books anyway. Although the readership of this blog has always been a bit on the small side, it's also been admirably literate. So do the right thing and read their books, 'cause you're gonna be waiting for me for a while.