Thursday, January 25, 2007

A few months ago, I invited folks to play in a daily trivia competition, and a number of blog readers did just that. And that makes me (and most of the others) happy. The monthly competition gets heated... the trash talkin' flows... what's not to love?

But here's the thing: there are a few folks who have been playing for several months, and I have no clue who they are... although I suspect most of them came from this blog. I want them to confess, either by e-mailing me or leaving a comment here. Because when we know who you are, we are better able to spread the love.

So will the following people step to the plate and reveal their secret identities?

Aig and Aig

I will protect your privacy, and you will satisfy my curiosity. That, my friends, is what is called a win/win.