Monday, February 05, 2007

I tried to upload something earlier, but Blogger made it disappear. Dammit! That's ten minutes of my life I'll never get back. Of course, the phantom post has brought commentational joy to many people, so I'm going to leave it. Feel free to comment to your little heart's content. Your dark, vile, envious little heart's content.

Anyway, the aborted entry was supposed to explain that I've been extremely busy at work, and -- in my spare time -- Bradykins and I have been looking for a new apartment. Because if I don't have a new apartment by February 28, we're going to have to move to the couches of random New York bloggers. [Note to Random New York Bloggers: that should give you an incentive to help us find a new apartment. We are not as entertaining 24/7 as you probably imagine.]

However, some of you -- okay, it was just Becks, but still... -- have been clamoring for an entry, so I prepared something especially for, well, just Becks, but still...

And here's a special bonus. Because I care.

Okay, now I've got work to do, so leave me alone.

UPDATE: This story may or may not be related to that first video clip. But... Huckabaa? The story would have been much better with a sheep, instead of a goat. Get me rewrite!

UPDATE 2: And on Valentine's Day, does the goat send a card that says, 'I *Heart* Huckabaas?'

UPDATE 3: Okay, I'll stop now...

UPDATE 4: As Becky points out in the comments, the link to the goat story [see Update #1] went and broke itself. Try this one. If this breaks, well... use your imagination.