Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I could have been killed. But did you call, text, or e-mail to express your concern? No.

I am so disappointed in my readers. Joe My God gets dozens of comments, and I get none? Wow. I thought you were past all that Trust Fund Boys-era animosity.

UPDATE: Uh... okay, your lack of concern tells me that you know I don't live that close to the accident. But if the plane had crashed .45 miles earlier, and -- instead of flying into the 40th Floor or whatever -- it had nosedived into the second floor, and if I had been home in the middle of the afternoon for the first time in three years, well... I could have been in danger!

Ah, screw it. You like Joe My God and not me. I accept that.

But if you want to see something really scary, blogger Kip Esq. is someone who has every reason to have his heart going thumpa-thump right now. Check out his entry from yesterday afternoon, and his exclusive home video.

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