Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My heart aches for red-headed writer Michael A. Knipp:
If I knew then what I know now—that standing out is actually a blessing—I would have embraced my uniqueness when I had the chance... Embracing age 25 this year, however, is a different story. That prospect hurts worse than any playground insult I’ve ever endured.
Poor thing. Too To endure red hair and extreme elderliness all in one lifetime! It's almost too much to bear!

Folks, this is the sort of tragedy they write operas about. I weep... I weep... but at least it's nice to know that The Advocate found space for this column. Otherwise they might have been forced to, oh, review a book or something.

[Post edited to change 'too' to 'to', since Chrisafer is such a perfectionist. Of course, the original misspelling was done on purpose, but still...]

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